Joe's Ping Tool 2.0


Ping: Joe's Ping Tool 2.0is a Graphical tool that utilizes ICMP tools to send a Ping request to another IP address. You can easily adjust Packet Size and Ping Count. Instead of typing the command in a MS-DOS window, using the graphical interface is much easier and quicker.
NOTE: Currently the Ping function is only functional to IP addresses, not Names. Possible feature of future versions. If you do not know the IP address of the host you wish to ping, a Trace Route usually reveals the IP address.

Trace Route: Use to send a Trace Route to another computer by IP or name.

Net Send: Integrated into Joe's Ping Tool is Joe's Net Send, a Graphical tool that utilizes Windows NET SEND command.

Flood Ping: This tool is used to send a large amount of data to an IP address. This can be useful if you are monitoring traffic on your network to locate bottlenecks or packet loss issues.
NOTE: To send a Flood ping outside your own Network to another person can be ILLEGAL! User takes all responsibility for use of this tool as it is intended for diagnostic use ONLY!

IP Information: For Windows NT, 2000 and XP ONLY, Will display your IP information in the display. Easier that Typing the command from MS-DOS.

Color Schemes: You can Change from the Light or Dark Color schemes. Dark is the Default. Only limitation is that the color selected is not saved. The program will always load with the Dark Scheme as default. Possible future release feature.


Dark Color Scheme :: Light Color Scheme

Compatibility: Windows NT, 9x, 2000 and XP.

License: Freeware. Feel free to download and use Joe's Ping Tool.

Installation Instructions: Joe's Ping Tool 2.0 comes as a setup file. Installation is self explanatory. Simply Download the Setup file and run it. .

Disclaimer: Download and run at your own risk. File has been scanned with latest virus scan as of creation date.

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(.EXE format, 496kb)